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Sunday departure!!


Due to the number of remaining jobs it has been decided that we will delay our departure until Sunday 29th June 2008. We want to ensure that Meniscus is ready and properly prepared for her trip.
Melanie, from Whitehaven Marina, very kindly informed The Whitehaven News of our adventure, and subsequently they wrote a small article.
Following on from this we have been contacted by Criag from Orkney Today, who would like to meet us, and have a chat, on our arrival at Scapa Flow. Ben from Radio Cumbria has also expressed a desire to catch up with us before we set sail. Not long now until the off and just a few more boat items/issues to iron out.


12:50pm 26/06/2008


54.5505 (54°33’1”N)


-3.5901 (3°35’24”W)


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